Request for Code: Multi Region Postgres for Crystal

Continuing the discussion from Request for code: a Fly multi region Ruby gem:

Kurt said the $1k offer was available for Crystal, which is super exciting because there’s been a lot of growing interest in the Lucky community to use Multi-Region postgres!

I have a fully functional shard created, ready for review for the bounty:

It works by adding ~3 lines of code (2 require statements, and a middleware entry) with minimal configuration!

I named it because I figured this is probably a good home for any “fly devops stuff” that might need to be done extending this postgres specific work, such as a “MySQL error handler” to replay MySQL replication issues, when somebody decides they need that

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Sorry for the delayed reply here. We’ll take a look at it. Have you already tried testing this out on Fly? What is your org name?

Yeah! It’s up at Lucky Jumpstart - Sign Up presently! If you’re in America, it will hit Chicago for reads, but replay to Singapore when you write (sign up).
Seems to work great!
I’ll have to check, but I think a couple other crystal+fly users might be using this for multi region pg.

Org is “Alex Piechowski” (Personal)