repmgr issues in every incarnation of custom pg image

I’ve always had a lot of trouble with custom postgres images. I’m trying to get an instance running with PGVector. This seems to be the best method to get the custom pgvector image:

Here’s what I did this time around, it seems like the cleanest way that keeps me closest to standard configs (which is what I want):

I built a new app with production postgres using fly launch.

I made a custom docker image with the latest fly postgres image.

I updated the images of my postgres machine to use that custom docker image.

However, I landed in the same problem I always do with these deploys:

Error: pg_wrapper: repmgrd was not found in /usr/lib/postgresql/16/bin

Has anyone seen this? Got any idea how to get past it?

I copied repmgr and repmgrd from bin to /usr/lib/postgresql/16/bin. Maybe pgvector needs it here? I added this to my Dockerfile and will redeploy.

Added postgres

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