Remote chrome dev tools debugging

Hi! I run a node process started with node --inspect= (which I can safely do since it declares no service and its app doesn’t have any public IP address), I am trying to create a tunnel so that I can debug it locally with Chrome DevTools, so I run:

fly proxy 9230:9229

And add localhost:9230 to the target discovery settings of chrome://inspect, unfortunately Chrome doesn’t find my node process.
I also tried different local ports (and the default 9229) with no more success.

Is there anything obvious I missed?


I can also confirm that in my app logs I do see:

Debugger listening on ws://

If you’re talking to it over a WireGuard tunnel (ie, with flyctl proxy), it’ll need to bind to its fdaa: IPv6 address — you can’t talk IPv4 over our WireGuard tunnels.

Thanks, it works perfectly now! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yay! I did a tech support! :slight_smile:

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