seed with SQLite

I’m new to and I’d like to know why my app is not seeding the data defined in my project.
I have a that uses Prisma with SQLite.

Thank you

Hey, it’s hard to tell what’s happening in your app without any details. Did you create a volume associated with your app? You can do this by running fly volumes create data --size 1 --app APPNAME. You can then access your db, which lives at /data/sqlite.db via fly ssh console

Also, this might be a useful reference to figure out deployment issues with remix and prisma on fly.

Hey sorry for the lack of details. Yes, I followed all the guides from website, created data volumes and etc.
My issue is when I deploy a new version of the app with either more data to be seeded or database migrations. The prisma migrations won’t run nor the new seeds automatically and I can’t run it manually via fly ssh since it says the node is not installed.

Is there any alternative approach for that issue?

Thank you