Remix Indie-Stack Fly deployment -- Prisma unable to open database file /data/sqlite.db

I’m using an Indie Stack by Remix (Remix,, SQLite etc.) and running into the following error in deployed application when trying to access a page that has a loader connected my database.

I’m quite new to this and don’t have much knowledge with SQLite, migrations etc. Could you please advise on what steps I could have missed?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @oddestdan

I have a few possibilities of what might have happened on my mind, this could be either a permissions issue or the file doesn’t exist in the app at all.

What’s your app name if I may ask?
Do you have a volume on your /data folder?
How’s your Dockefile now?

Hi lubien, thanks for reaching out to me so quickly!

I think I managed to resolve the problem, my app name is “escp-90” and I had one 1GB volume attached to the app. I’ve been going back and forth on this one and it seems like there was an issue with the volume space being full, or some kind of an issue with the volume I created while following the manual.

To anyone experiencing similar issue (500 Server Error → Error querying the database → Error accessing database file /data/sqlite.db), please try removing existing volume (if created and assigned to app already) and trying again. If you haven’t created anything - please do, following the manual.

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