Remix Blues Stack DB Workaround Not working

After reading Two deploy errors trying to deploy a vanilla remix + blues + postgres app I was able to fix the issue in the deployment pipeline. But now it won’t connect to my local DB with Can't reach database server at 'undefined.<app_name>-db.flycast':'5432' The logic that was linked in the article I included above brought me to this error. I’ve also tried completely redoing the db.server.ts file per the Blues Stack’s new source code (found here: Both approaches have produced the same error. Any help is appreciated thanks!

The key thing to focus on is the word undefined. That undoubtedly was inserted by code written in JavaScript, so in this case by Remix.

Recent versions of the blues stack will only modify the hostname if it ends with .internal, which this URL does not:

I also can’t explain why FLY_REGION would be undefined.

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