Redis CDG

I have the same as we got fews days ago …
2023-03-20T12:04:48.585 app[6e3a989f] cdg [info] {“message”:“Connection timed out”,“context”:{“exception”:{“class”:“RedisException”,“message”:“Connection timed out”,“code”:0,“file”:“/var/www/html/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Redis/Connectors/PhpRedisConnector.php:161”}},“level”:400,“level_name”:“ERROR”,“channel”:“production”,“datetime”:“2023-03-20T12:04:48.584665+00:00”,“extra”:{}}

Hey, sorry for the trouble. Can you provide some more details? Are you using Upstash Redis? Can you provide the database name?

Note that occasional timeouts can happen for a variety of reasons, so your Redis client should be able to handle reconnecting.

From a Laravel-specific point of view, I’m curious about a few things too:

  1. is happening in a queue worker
  2. or perhaps you’re using Octane
  3. or is this happening with regular old web requests

(The docs for PHP Redis do indeed say it handles reconnects).

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