Re: Wireguard - Postgres database connection issues

Re: Wireguard - Postgres database connection issues

Hell All,

I am writing to see if someone can help steer me in the right direction. I’ve been battling this issue for a couple of days now. I am relatively new to and web development.

Problem = can not seem to load data from a local database dump using the “psql < db.dump”. I am able to do this with other apps on another machine. I get the following error:

I have uninstalled / reinstalled flyctl, wireguard, and wireguard tools. When I use the wg-quick up command, this is my output:


When I run fly doctor, I get this:

fly doctor

When I use the dig command on the interface DNS listed in my Wireguard .conf file, I get:


I can forward the server port for the db on to my local system and get to the psql command line, but can’t figure out how to load a database dump from the psql command prompt. I’ve been reading through this post and this one too to try to see if I could fix this on my own, but no luck so far. I want to get my Wireguard connection working again. Any help for a newbie would be greatly appreciated:)**