Raygun APM in a Fly.io Machine?

I would like to use Raygun APM to monitor my running applications on Fly.io.

There are two main ways I can see how to install the Raygun agent, either via the linux install or via the docker install.

I wasnt sure about the docker install because if my application is already inside a docker container, that then becomes docker in docker which seems like it might not be a good idea.

Has anyone tried this? I guess it might be the same issue as the Datadog Agent and others?


Hi @mike-cann

One option is to deploy the Raygun APM as it’s own fly.io app within your organisation (e.g. yourorg-raygun-apm-production) using the docker image, then add the RAYGUN_AGENT_HOST environment variable to your other apps with the value set to the name of your raygun apm app followed by .internal (e.g. yourorg-raygun-apm-production.internal).

What this will do is deploy the apm as it’s own internal fly.io app which the other apps in the same organisation can access internally using the fly.io private DNS. Note that this method doesn’t work for dotnet apps as it’s not supported by Raygun.

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Yes good point, I had thought about that too. I guess we can share one Raygun Agent amonst multiple apps? Or does Raygun require one agent per app like Datadog requires one agent per host.