proxy error with invalid content-length

In our monitor we see the following error:

proxy[6e3da7cf] ewr [error] could not make HTTP request to instance: invalid content-length parsed

It isn’t listed under app so I’m not sure how best to diagnose this

Hi @bcardarella! This error comes from Fly’s proxy. It looks like somewhere along the line, the proxy is receiving an HTTP response with an invalid Content-Length header.

Are you seeing this error frequently in your logs?

Not sure if this will help, but you could check whether your app itself is generating the bad Content-Length header by making requests to it directly, bypassing fly-proxy. Here’s one concrete way to do that:

# Proxy localhost:<local port> to your app's <remote port>:
fly proxy <local port>:<remote port>

# In another terminal, while fly proxy is running, make a request to your app.
# -v will cause curl to print headers:
curl -v -H 'Host: <app domain name>' http://localhost:<local port>

This can be closed, I found where this was happening and corrected the content-length value

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