Project on deadline and Certificate not being issued

Hi. I’m having an issue to generate a certificate, it is validated but ECDSA e RSA not.

As my project deadline is tomorrow I freaked out and tried to recreate it many times, in different regions just to know that it just may make things worse and delay the issue.

I’m using Cloudflare without proxy.

There’s something I can do to make it work in the news few hours? Go direct from Namecheap to

Any help will be highly appreciated as I cannot sleep until push this app to work. And I even can’t use heroku for now as it has an 1GB upload per file limit that exclude my case.

What’s your app ID? Can you share a screenshot of the certificate page? If you try to provision a certificate for the same domain too many times, you’ll get rate limited.

If you’re not using Cloudflare proxy, it doesn’t matter whether you use Cloudflare for DNS or Namecheap.

And of course, you can always access your app via <app-name> immediately, without waiting for a custom certificate.

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