Process Autoscale

Hai there
Iam deploying a laravel app, with 3 process. for app, cron and worker
and iam enabling autoscale for min=1 max=5, and set soft limit for 20 and hard limit for 25

When iam deploying this app, the process that deployed is 3. the problem is, when we load test this app, the autoscale triggering all of process, so we have so many VM that running

Iam trying some way to trick this, with add [[services]] tag for cron and worker, and increase the soft limit and hard limit
So logically this process will not triggered to scale up

But when we hit to load test, the fact is reversed, the app process not triggered but cron and worker process is scale up

is there any idea about this?


Yeah, autoscale doesn’t quite work they way one would expect with multi-process apps: Autoscale doesn't work - #3 by kurt

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