Problem with IP address

I am currently hosting an application on, and it is accessible through the provided URL without any issues. However, I am encountering a problem when attempting to access the application directly via its allocated public IP address:

Despite the application running smoothly with the URL, accessing it through the IP address does not seem to work.

I have ensured that the fly.toml configuration file is correctly set up to handle traffic on ports 80 and 443, and there are no apparent firewall rules blocking access.

Could you please assist me in resolving this issue or provide any insights on why the application might not be accessible via the direct IP address? Additionally, if there are any specific configurations required to enable direct IP access, I would appreciate your guidance.

I need IP address because I want to connect root domain to the app hosted in

Hi Garnik, could you tell me where you’re getting that IP address from? It is in our range, but I took a look at your apps on the backend and from I can see, none of your apps have that address.

Sure. When I open app details in fly dashbaord in bottom I can see IP addresses section, there I have two IP addresses, Shared v4 and v6. I want to use v4 in godaddy. my app name is ctc-web

Oh, sorry, I overlooked that app. Yes, you do have the IP addr right, let me take a look…

Oh, yes, as you say, the app works fine when you access it at So everything is working fine. Since you have a free shared IP, you won’t be able to see your site at, because that’s shared with other users. But if you follow the instructions at Use a custom domain and Custom Domains and SSL Certificates, you’ll be fine to use that IP address with your own custom domain.

Yes but godaddy does not allow to have @ for CName. CNAME records are a type of subdomain, or alias, that points to another domain name.

If you want to set an A record to host the site at your root domain (<WHATEVER>.com not www.<WHATEVER>.com) that’s no problem, you can still use to do that. Just follow the instructions for “Set the A record” and “Get certified” in the documentation that I linked.

@john-fly thank you so much. It worked now, I adding certificate. My last question is I have to fl account one for company and personal. So this thread was created by my personal account (different email and account) however threads updates are being sent also to company account email which has no relation to this. Do you know why this happens?

@john-fly sorry for confusion, it’s created by company account :slight_smile:

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