Private networking between organizations

Hello everyone,
is it somehow possible to do private networking across organizations?
Like Org-A apps should be able to privatly access Org-B apps/services without them having public IP addresses.

If so, can someone tell me how to do it?



Private networks are only accessible within an organization currently.

What’s your use case for using multiple organizations? Maybe we can give some ideas.

Don’t think that’s possible.

However, you can carve out network-namespaces within the same org such that apps / VMs across namespaces would not be able to connect with each other over 6pn. Unfortunately, this is exactly the inverse of what you want.

Right now, I think you’d have build cross-org connectivity yourself, by either wiring up a bridge across namespaces (quite brittle and tri-icky, I’d imagine), mTLS’ing over public IPs, warping with hole-punching Tailscale tunnels, or any number of similar methods.