Can an organization contain multiple private networks?

My understanding was that an organization corresponds to one private network, but in reading through this page of the docs it says

Fly Postgres databases can be used by applications outside their Fly internal private network, this means in a different private network belonging to your organization, in another Fly organization, or outside altogether.

If this is correct could you point me to where in the docs covers multiple private networks in the same organization? I didn’t notice it referenced anywhere on the Private Networking documentation page.

I just want to make sure that my mental model of the system is correct. Thanks.

Although I’m not sure about where it’s referenced in Fly’s docs - see thomas’ (& kurt’s) post in Multi tenant applications.

Also note: Replay headers with private networks.

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Thanks! From the linked threads, it appears that an app can be created on its own private network with flyctl apps create --network.

The Running user code on Fly Machines page in the documentation describes how to do this via an HTTP request.