Postgresql HA setup with 2 nodes, volume size differences

Got a db scaled to 2 with your docs, is there a reason why the volume size is different in those 2 nodes? I’m wondering if replication works properly, felt like those 2 db instances got out of sync at some point.

What you’re looking at there are snapshots - backup copies of volumes. You can see the volumes with fly volumes -a your-pg-app-name. Does that help?

Sorry for mixing up the terminologies. I know volumes will always be of the size I extend them to. But the snapshots should be representing the real size of the data that is used from a machine. Shouldn’t the snapshots have similar sizes since one db should just be a replica of the other?

The replication journal takes up extra space on the primary. It’s normal for the volume the primary postgres uses to consume more data.


Thanks @kurt, this makes a lot of sense!