Postgres username, password, host url etc

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I created an app with Django and I’m hosting on fly without a personal DB. I want to use the Postgres DB that comes with my fly account, but I don’t know what the Username, Password, URL etc, are. I checked the “Secrets” tab, but the values returned weren’t too clear: FLY_CONSUL_URL; OPERATOR_PASSWORD; REPL_PASSWORD; SU_PASSWORD

How do I find my: postgres://{username}:{password}@{hostname}:{port}/{database}?options so I can add these environment variables to my django settings and effectively run the app.

Possibly related to the same issue I’m facing: Postgres instance isn't initiating when launching a new app in MIA region

Not sure… My app has launched and the DB is deployed but I don’t know how to connect the DB to my app.

These won’t be the same issue.

@timelems If you deployed your app without a database, and now you’d like to use a Fly Postgres database, you’ll need to provision a new Fly Postgres app with fly postgres create.

@catflydotio Thanks! It’s been created!

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