Postgres JDBC connection timeout after 60 seconds

I’m using Airbyte to move data from my Data Warehouse to a Postgres instance.

Airbyte postgres connector is a Java application that uses JDBC to connect to postgres and move data around. First it moves my data (82 GB) to a temporary table and in the end it normalizes the data.

The normalizes phase usually takes 1 hour but I’m getting “Error: SSL SYSCALL error: EOF detected” after 60 seconds.

Someone from Fly support team mention that 60 second idle connection timeout and it’s seems to be related.

I tried to add the keepAlive option to JDBC but I got the same error message after 60 seconds.

PS: Using postgres in another cloud provider works fine

This is almost definitely the proxy timing out. When you connect to port 5432, we route you through a proxy that ensures you’re connecting to your primary. When a TCP connection hasn’t sent data for 60s, the proxy will often drop that connection.

If you connect to .internal:5433, you will bypass the proxy. You need to make sure you’re connecting to the writable instance, but you should be able to complete the operation.

My Airbyte instance is running on Google Cloud VM, in order to connect to .internal I should connect through Wireguard?

I got the point that I should bypass the proxy but I’m not sure how to do that.

@kurt, thanks!

Yep! If you set wireguard up on your airbyte instance, you should be able to connect directly to the private network.

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