postgres change primary region


i have a question and check plz

i want to change postgres regions

  • fly machine clone <pri_m_id> --region sin
  • fly config save -a postgres-app, then modify primary_region
  • fly deploy fly.toml -i flyio/postgrex-flex:15.6 -a postgres-app

deploy success health check pass

but fly status -a app_name command

ma_id1 started replica sin 3 total, 3 passing flyio/postgres-flex:15.6 (v0.0.51) 2024-05-07T06:22:47Z 2024-05-07T06:25:52Z
ma_id2 started primary nrt 3 total, 3 passing flyio/postgres-flex:15.6 (v0.0.51) 2024-04-12T09:14:03Z 2024-05-07T06:25:13Z

do not apply to primary_region sin

when accessing db from sin region fly server, i want to access sin postgres machine.

has been applied or how to apply to primary region?

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