Port limitations on machine / app

What are the limitations, if any, on the number and types of ports that can be opened on a single machine or application? Additionally, it would be helpful to know if there are any well-known or commonly used ports, such as SMTP (port 25), SSH (port 22), or HTTPS (port 443), that may be subject to additional limitations or considerations when opening them on a machine or app.

Furthermore, are there any specific ports that cannot be opened due to security or other restrictions? And, if so, are there any potential consequences, such as a ban from the platform or other restrictions, if you attempt to open a port that is explicitly prohibited by the platform or violates their terms of service?

Hi amartha, so from my current understanding, there aren’t any limits to the port rangers themselves, but you can have a maximum of 10 external_port->internal_port you can have. One way around this is by the use of the port range feature to send data from many external ports to one internal port.

Thank you, Billy, for providing me with this helpful information. I appreciate your time and expertise in explaining the current limitations on the external_port->internal_port mapping. It’s good to know that the port range feature can be utilized as a workaround to this limit. Thanks again for your help!

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