Port 1884 not being forwarded to Port 10000 even though my fly.toml is setup to do so

Hi, I’m currently trying to run vernemq on fly. I’m running into an issue where my mqtt broker is listening on internally but connections on the anycast address to port 10000 are not working

Just a guess, but if you run fly ips list do you see public (shared)?

You either need to connect via ipv6 or allocate a dedicated ipv4 address: Public Network Services · Fly Docs

hi, thanks for the reply!

in order to connect via ipv6, should I configure wireguard on the client? can I get away with only using the services + services.ports config?

If the following test passes, you should be good to go: https://test-ipv6.com/

If you can’t make IPv6 work with your modem/isp/whatever, you can use a wireguard tunnel.

Can I check why this guide doesn’t work anymore Appkata: MQTT - Event driven messaging · Fly Docs?

Is it because of the change in ipv4 allocation behavior?

ah, allocating a dedicated IPV4 address fixed this issue for me

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