Policy on tor exit nodes?

Hey folks,

Does the Fly team have a policy on Tor exit nodes / would I be allowed to run one on your platform?

And if the answer is yes, is there any way to request access to having a publicly reachable IPv6 address? This page says to contact support for that but when I emailed support I got bounced saying support emails are for paying members only.

Thanks very much,

We don’t have a policy on tor exit nodes directly, but we do shut off apps that do things like “try to connect to port 22 on thousands of IPs”. Or “port scan the internet”.

The IPv4 addresses your VMs connect out with are shared between customers, so we’re pretty sensitive about abusive traffic from those IPs.

Which means, a tor exit node might be risky if you’re allowing random people to make network connections through it. Less risky if you lock it down to port 80/443. Even less risky if you watch for abusive traffic.

The public IPv6 address is available as the FLY_PUBLIC_IP environment variable. We have experimental support for opening TCP ports on that address, you can add a config like:

allowed_public_ports = [8080]