DEPRECATION WARNING: Allowed public ports are going away! If you really need this feature, please make your case on the community forums.

I don’t see any other threads about this. What is going on with this?

I have ports that are accessible publicly on some VMs. What is the alternative?

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We’re deprecating this feature because it was meant as a way to allow apps to expose any ports, but in a more complicated way. This is before we allowed any ports to be exposed via services. Making this work is pretty fragile and the developer experience isn’t all that great.

The alternative is to either use the private network or expose the ports via services.

What’s your use case for this feature?

Not OP, but this feature is a neat way to bypass Fly Proxy. In the past (don’t use it anymore), we used VM IPs (IPv6) to mitigate emergent Fly Proxy issues.

Most if not all our clients have IPv6 connectivity, so it came in handy (load balanced with Geo DNS).

Yeah not all ports I want to expose via the proxy. How do I expose ports without going through the proxy or the private network?

I have some ideas on how we could bring up this feature in a more sustainable way. I’ll do some research on feasibility.