Phoenix 1.7-dev not deploying w/ "Failed due to unhealthy allocations" Yes, I know it isn't out yet!

I have a Phoenix 1.7-dev app up and running locally. When fly launch and fly deploy, the deployment fails due to “Failed due to unhealthy allocations”. The “Failed due to unhealthy allocations” response is very vague and the app never runs, so there are no logs.

I realize 1.7 is not yet released. So, maybe this will useful / informational. I followed other threads, e.g. making sure the PORT env is set correctly. Nothing helped.

In comparison to a vanilla hello_elixir 1.6.13 Phoenix app, all outputs from fly launch, e.g. fly.toml, Dockerfile, etc. where the same with the exception of the app name. (Including needing to make a slight adjustment in the Docker file to target an available image…) This 1.6.13 app deployed without issue.

I’m curious what may be different in 1.7 that is tripping up the deploy. My next steps are to try to mimic the build locally (if possible). And… attempt a vanilla hello_elixir in 1.7-dev… I doubt this will matter. My 1.7-pre app is essentially just a very basic CRUD app with no additional dependencies.

Anything I can do to help?

FYI… this 1.7-dev was generated at 64ab574. So retesting in HEAD now…

Closing. The fresh try off of HEAD for 1.7-dev failed earlier during the fly launch. Sorry to bother you guys.