On-demand volume snapshots (Beta)

We have released on-demand volume snapshots. In addition to existing daily volume snapshots, you can make volume snapshots on-demand from flyctl.

If you make risky changes on your application and worry about messing up its volumes, you can take volume snapshots to keep the existing volumes intact.

% fly volumes snapshot create vol_9vwxdpx3wkpyw2q4
Scheduled to snapshot volume vol_9vwxdpx3wkpyw2q4

After a moment (depending of the size of the volume), you can see the snapshot from flyctl.

% fly volumes snapshot ls vol_9vwxdpx3wkpyw2q4
ID                              STATUS  SIZE            CREATED AT     
vs_yeKbNmjL6glZH13Ra82pObzg     created 57950716        23 seconds ago

And use the snapshot to create a new volume, of course.

% fly volumes create data --snapshot-id vs_yeKbNmjL6glZH13Ra82pObzg -r sea
                  ID: vol_nvxgqp6pp7geqlj4
                Name: data
                 App: ...
              Region: sea
                Zone: 6da7
             Size GB: 3
           Encrypted: true
          Created at: 13 Dec 23 20:06 UTC
  Snapshot retention: 5

Right now this feature is free and we are working on the pricing part.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments and/or requests!


How long are these on-demand snapshots retained for? indefinitely? I know the automated snapshots of all volumes is daily for 5 days before they are deleted but do on-demand snapshots stick around or are they also purged after 5 days? I can’t see my old on-demand snapshots anymore

hi @stephen1

All snapshots are retained for 5 days. Snapshot retention is part of the configuration of the volume you’re taking a snapshot of, and is not currently configurable by the user. You can see the snapshot retention value (in days) when you create a new volume or when you run fly vol show <volume id>.

We’re always interested in hearing about how you think this should work and what your use case might be.