Npm package

Is there an NPM package for installing

I don’t believe so :thinking:.

There is a package for Fly, @fly/fly, however that is for their legacy? edge applications.

Are you looking to interact with Fly from within a Nodejs app? Only if you want to install Fly’s CLI locally (or on CI), rather than an npm install you are probably better off with their official approaches: Install flyctl · Fly Docs

The installation from the docs is giving me an error since yesterday

Looks like PowerShell isn’t recognizing the alias for iwr. Can you try running this instead?

Invoke-WebRequest -useb | Invoke-Expression

You may also want to try running it from a regular PowerShell window instead of embedded in VS Code.

It says the term Invoke-WebRequest is not recognized

I dont think you’re gonna get that to work running the Terminal tab in VSCode.

Try running powershell outside of VSCode to run the install command.

EDIT: Oh, you may also have an older Poweshell - version 3+ has Invoke-WebRequest (check out: Invoke-WebRequest is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet Windows 7 Powershell - Stack Overflow )

If you go to GitHub - superfly/flyctl: Command line tools for services, you can find the latest release on the right. If you click on that, you will find a link like . If you download that zipfile and unzip it, you will find a flyctl.exe and wintun.dll. Put these in your path.

I actually did it outside the environment as an administrator

Will try this out now and get back to you…

You mean I should Install it right

I tried to install it, it wasn’t installing…

How can I put it in path