Node program in Docker build fails with `[Error: std::bad_alloc]` on Fly build but not elsewhere


I’ve got a Dockerfile that runs the parcel NodeJS program to bundle some CSS and JS. If I build the image on my computer or on GitHub codespaces with docker build . it completes successfully, but if I try and deploy to Fly it prints [Error: std::bad_alloc] and exits after parcel is run.

My first thought was that it could be an out-of-memory issue, thought this seems unlikely given the tiny size of this application.

The project can be found here: GitHub - gleam-lang/developer-survey at 7e6e72cd1e323858b162f5cc6748f6ae238faad1

Anyone have any ideas for how I can debug and fix my build? :slight_smile:


Solved! I hit this (truly bizarre) bug! "[Error: std::bad_alloc]" on startup · Issue #7126 · parcel-bundler/parcel · GitHub