No app builders on account

Our Fly org has no app builders assigned to it which is causing all of our deploys to return

Error: failed to fetch an image or build from source: Not authorized to deploy this app

App name: trellis-star-develop

This may be an authentication error, try regenerating your deploy token?

Is there some reason why my deploy tokens would have stopped working?

Hey @yharaskrik , it looks like it may be an issue with deploy tokens not being able to create builders. We’re taking a look at why that’s happening.

In the meantime if you manually run a deploy using flyctl to any app in your organization, that will create a new builder, which the CI will use going forward.

Exactly what I am doing as we speak! thanks Sam!

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I was experiencing this issue yesterday and it is continuing today. I can deploy from the command line but not from CI.

We’ve identified the change that was causing the regression here and have rolled it back as of Flyctl v0.2.69. That version is out now

@erik Can you try deploying via CI with the new version and see if you’re still blocked?

I upgraded flyctl to 0.2.69 and my deploys are working again. Thanks!


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