Newly added secrets (via Doppler) not visible on machines until new deploy

I added a half dozen secrets via Doppler. They are immediately visible in the secrets tab in the UI, in fly secrets list, but not visible to the app (it crashes) or in the environment on machines when I fly ssh console in and type export (other, older, secrets are visible).

Just restarting machines (fly app restart) doesn’t make them available. Instead I have to do a full fly deploy. This sucks a little - is there something on the roadmap to improve this?

It’s unlikely we’ll change the behavior because we guarantee the machine config is immutable once it’s deployed. In general, updating an existing machine should be equally as fast as restarting it.

You are lucky.

This is related to apps v2 incompatibility with Doppler; I notified them on this issue about a month ago and they just (like 10 minutes ago) announced that they have now fixed this issue.

Just tested this briefly and seems to be working :slight_smile:

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