Apps V2 / Updating secrets via API

We are using Doppler to manage our secrets.

With apps v1 everything ran smoothly, but now as we are slowly migrating to Apps V2 it seems that Doppler updates the secrets (via API, I assume) but machines do not get new secrets without updating those (as stated in the docs).

Of course Doppler should probably do something regarding this integration but in the meantime we try to find some workaround.

Problem is that we do not find any easy way to (manually) update machines.

When running flyctl secrets set SECRET=secret then command updates machines automatically. But if we have changed secrets via Doppler, flyctl machine update -y abcdefg wont update machine as there are now changes to be updated.

So, what would be easiest way to update machines to start with new, updated secrets?

As a workaround, you can force a machine update by updating a environment variable using --env NAME=VALUE param.

Or you can force a rolling restart of all machines with fly apps restart command

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Oh great, thanks. Apps restart seems to be the easiest way to go.

Actually, it seems that flyctl apps restart does not get new secrets to machine. Or not at least those set by Doppler.

Still, I have to probably sort this out with Doppler.

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