New Phoenix app secrets keep wiped after failed deployment

I’m not sure if this is the issue with me or is this expected that the secret for an app will get wiped in case the first deployment is failed? I was trying to deploy a new phoenix app from an existing one using fly launch --no-deploy ... and fly deploy --remote-only and for some reason, it failed. The annoying part is the entire secrets get wiped. I need to know if this is expected as it making it harder for me to debug the failed deployment.

$ fly version
flyctl v0.0.372 linux/amd64 Commit: 33637703 BuildDate: 2022-08-12T18:28:27Z
$ fly doctor
Testing authentication token... PASSED
Testing flyctl agent... PASSED
Testing local Docker instance... Nope
Pinging WireGuard gateway (give us a sec)... PASSED

@fauzan I’m still looking into this one, but one thing you could try is setting auto_rollback = false within your fly.toml.

  auto_rollback = false

Let me know how that goes!

If the above doesn’t work, please send us the name of your App and we can dig in a bit further.

I haven’t seen that problem before. But I also haven’t tried using those flags that way.