My locally build app is accessible on but I get errors about it not being available when I deploy

I’m using remix with vite with the host and port set in vite’s config

    server: {
      port: 3000,
      host: "",

but I keep getting these errors about it not being available instance refused connection. is your app listening on

Any insights on why this might be happening? I have all the internal port settings set properly, I am exposing the port in docker, and I’m able to get the client code in my browser but the prisma backend seems to be broken.

I built the production app locally and started it, the site is available on and the db works.

Can you share the log messages? I’ve seen this before when startup takes a long time (for example, due to needing to do a migration on sqlite3 database), but eventually once the server does actually start, everything works out.

I think you are correct, I’m not sure what the proxy is for but I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to access my app if it didn’t eventually connect. I didn’t notice a connection confirmation message though.

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