Minimum machines running setting without external access


Is it possible to configure: min_machines_running (and auto_stop_machines/auto_start_machines settings) without exposing any internal ports to the Internet? I have a few internal services which are accessible only via Nginx proxy and I don’t want to expose any ports by [[services]] or [http_service] configuration.

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Since the Fly Proxy takes care of auto stop and start, you would need to configure services. An option might be to use Flycast to take advantage of the Proxy but on your private network only.

There’s some info on this beginning here in the original auto start and stop thread: Automatically starting/stopping Apps v2 instances - #29 by amine

Another bit explaining how it works with private networking here: Single VM vs. process groups vs. separate apps: current best practice for multiple processes? - #3 by ifiwasabird

Flycast docs: Private Networking · Fly Docs

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Thank you for your answer. Now it’s much more clear for me what the flycast is :wink:.

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