Machine auto start/stop on private network

From what I managed to grasp from the docs, the machine auto start/stop functionality only works with apps with external ports.

Is there a way to achieve this when the apps are only accessible through the private network?

You can use Flycast to have private network requests go via the proxy.

The idea here is you allocate a private ipv6 address, and you don’t have any public addresses. This way, even though you’re exposing ports in your fly.toml, your app isn’t publicly accessible.

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Thanks for the reply @jfent. That was a brilliant, spot on response.

I did as you recommended, following the docs on the Flycast. The app now has only a private ipv6 address and can’t be accessed from the outside.

Now, I was having some issues connecting to the app through the private network, because I was using the flycast domain BUT I was putting the 8080 port… which doesn’t make sense, obviously. After I understood that and fixed my error, it worked perfectly.

Many thanks for this!

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