Migrating from one fly.io to another fly.io

Hi all, I would like to know how fast does it take to migrate between two fly.io accounts? The problem is our CTO in Vietnam is holding our startup platform hostage without any handover (he has claimed for months to be busy and saying yes to doing the handover but no action).

I’m a business, non tech person (last time I did tech was 20 years ago - LAMP setup and all). Our junior developer has access to the site but it has been 4 days and he claims that it is difficult for him to port it from another fly.io account.

May I know how long does it usually take to do a fly.io to fly.io migration? The app was developed for over about a month - max.

Hi @apprentice

The process to move apps between organisations is usually pretty instant.

You can use the instructions from my answer here to achieve the same result.

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