Hand off to client

I’m developing an app for a client. I’ve been using my personal fly.io account for demos and feedback, and this has been great. But, now we’re ready to go into production, and I need to deploy to a hosting account owned by my client.

Is there a process for a) Allowing my client to sign up for a fly.io account without using the command line (which is simply beyond their ken); and b) transferring this app to my client’s account?

My $0.02, Fly.io has really terrific DX. I think it would be worth investing a bit to make this process as smooth and easy as possible.

Hi @groovebucket

Your client can signup for an account using Sign Up · Fly.

I would suggest that you create the organisation for them (you can go to Organizations · List · Fly) and invite them into the organisation, then promoting them to admin.

After you’ve created the organisation ensure that they setup the billing details which can be done from the client organisation overview page.

Finally, you can transfer the app from your personal organisation to the client organisation using flyctl apps move.

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Okay. This sounds like a solution. I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks much.