Migrating a Postgres DB from Gigalixir to Fly

Pretty much the title.

I have an existing Elixir app on Gigalixir, and I’ve successfully deployed it on Fly. Now I’m looking to migrate all the data in there. I looked through the docs, but there only seems to be an option to restore previous Postgres snapshots that have been backed up by Fly.

Is there some nice way to do this, or do I write some Elixir code that pulls and saves all the data from my Gigalixir DB, and invoke that in iex of my Fly app?

Hey there,

So you should be able to perform a pg_dump and pg_restore to get your data migrated over. I went ahead and wrote up some high level docs for guidance:

Let me know if you run into any problems!


So you just wrote an improvised mini-documentation page in 23mins to answer my question?! I have no words.

Thanks a lot, will try soon and let you know how it goes! :slight_smile: