Migrate appsv2 postgres to another region?

I’ve recently upgraded my postgres app to v2. How can I change its region and the region of its attached volume? All docs I’ve found are related to postgres-flex or the nomad setups.

You’ll need to find the machine ID of the machine running your postgres app.

And then follow the instructions here to clone it into the new region.

With regards to the volumes, we don’t support cross-region volume forks yet, so you’ll have to replicate all your data to the new region, change primaries and then stop the previous primary.

This might be helpful.

Hi @kwaw thanks for the response. Cloning the pg machine didn’t help much as the new “machine” ended up being outside the “app”.

What I did in the end is the following:

  1. I created a new pg app in the region I wanted
  2. I used fly pg import from the link you shared to copy the old database to the new one.

My app is low traffic so I didn’t mind a little bit of downtime, I did scale down the web and worker apps consuming the original database before switching over!



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