Metrics are gone after changing dashboard in Grafana

Hello, I have 3 apps on

2 of them have custom metrics and I recently tried to add them to the Grafana dashboard.
After adding them yesterday I couldn’t save the dashboard (Grafana showed “Error saving dashboard”).
Now the apps are gone in Grafana app selector and all the metrics in fly dashboard show “No data available”.

The 3rd app I didn’t touch is still there and is working as expected.

Could you please tell how I can get the apps back or reset the dashboards?

Hi @nidu,

The default dashboards on are marked read-only since we may update them from time to time to fix bugs and add new platform metrics. You should be able to create a new dashboard and add custom metrics there though.

As for your apps disappearing from the app selector, I found an issue on a single server in ams that was preventing fly_instance_ metrics from being collected properly, and it looks like this was affecting two of your apps hosted there. I’ve fixed this now so your apps should show up again in Grafana, sorry for the inconvenience!

@wjordan thanks, it works now! And thanks for the info and awesome product!

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