{"message":"page not found"} when trying to deploy app

Getting this error when deploying:

failed to fetch an image or build from source: {"message":"page not found"}
 (http: 404)

Sorry for the breakage. The latest version of flyctl is incompatible with old remote builder images. Can you recreate your builder machine?

You can check your builder like below;

% fly apps list | grep '^fly-builder'
fly-builder-weathered-lake-286  personal        deployed        machines                            

Then remove;

% fly apps destroy fly-builder-weathered-lake-286

Iā€™m going to make flyctl compatible with the old builder images.

flyctl 0.0.527 gracefully handles the issue. If someone have the issue, please try flyctl version update!

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@kaz Looks like its working now. Thanks for the quick fix!

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