Memory issues

My memory is constantly at
225 MB / 232 MB

This might fluctuate ±1 here or there, it really doesn’t change.

Is there a way to go about debugging this? I would like to see what is hogging all the resources and upgrade if needed.

What are runtime is your app? If NodeJS, see this: High Memory Usage - #2 by jerome

If not, you fly ssh console -a <app-name> -s into the VM instance and install / exec any tool that’d help you debug memory use from Linux’s point of view.

Yes it is a NodeJS. I tried the NODE_OPTIONS and saw nothing change. I couldn’t get the swap memory to work (but I also don’t know anything about it)

You only need swap (or fly scale vm memory 512 to a larger 512MB instance) if your instance keeps getting killed with OutOfMemory errors.

If not, as the post which I linked to explains, it apparently is pretty normal for NodeJS to reserve as much free memory as it can, upfront.

ssh into one of the app instances fly ssh console -s -a <app-name and exec free -h. That should show you available RAM including swap, if any. I don’t believe swap is accounted for in the metrics that Fly collects, which you see on the dashboard.

free -h is giving me this. It looks like Fly is counting the free memory into the memory used category. Am I reading that correctly?

               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           221Mi       101Mi        51Mi          0B        68Mi       111Mi
Swap:             0B          0B          0B