Out of memory Typescript application


I want to deploy an application with the free plan but I have a memory issue.
When I look at the logs I never exceed the allocated memory.
Do you know where the issue could come from ?

Thank for your help.


It may be that a spike above the limit is not shown as the graph is averaging over a period of time, unlike the console/logs.

To avoid it happening again, I’m not sure if you need to be using nodemon to run your app … perhaps there is a reason you are but generally nodemon would be used locally, during development (as it automatically restarts when a file changes). That’s handy as files are constantly changing locally and it’s a pain to manually restart node each time. But in production your code won’t be changing and so you can use plain node to run your app. That may help a bit with memory usage as it won’t be checking files.


Apart from what Greg said about the graph’s granularity hiding key information…

Looks like, at times, and especially during app bring-up, the VM sees elevated RAM use. I haven’t encountered OOMs in a node app I run on Fly, but at least one other developer has: Out of Memory restarts - #15 by kurt

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