Mapping latency to fly regions

I’m working on a latency sensitive application that needs to interact with upstream services that are deployed across the globe. I’d like to add an automatic “triangulation” step to the flow.

Along these lines, a question:

Is there an easy way to run an app out of every fly region? I’d like to do this so I can have every region “race” to contact the upstream service.

Ideally I wouldn’t have to keep a list up to date or anything like that, it would just… Be running everywhere.

There’s no magic way to run everywhere yet, though I often need this.

They don’t change all that often, though, you can get a list from fly platform regions, then run:

fly regions set ams atl cdg ...

You also need to scale the count the match AND ensure that we only run one VM per region:

fly scale count 21 --max-per-region 1
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