Managed Kafka by Upstash available in private beta

We’re delighted to announce Managed Kafka by Upstash, running on infrastructure! Private beta access is available iad and fra regions.

Write to with your organization name to join. Then, check our getting started docs.

This beta comes with no SLA or uptime guarantees, but Upstash Kafka clusters can be considered production-grade. To predict costs, you’ll soon see usage details in your billing dashboard. We won’t charge you until Upstash Kafka exits beta, and you’ll be notified about that.

Upstash for Redis already powers thousands of Redis databases for customers. We noticed that Upstash brought pay-as-you-go pricing to Kafka, a service known for its hefty price tag.

We asked Upstash to bring their experience operating Kafka clusters at scale to customers. This integration was a breeze, thanks to Upstash’s existing implementation of our Extensions API.

Please leave any questions or feedback here. Upstash and are here for you.


So it cost the same as to leaving the hosting to Upstash, against when the servers are hosted within my fly org and I pay for the machines. Why would I want to incur extra cost to keep and manage the fly apps related to that cluster?

Sorry for the confusion. What’s meant here by ‘ Infrastructure’ is the same as the Upstash Redis case: your databases and clusters are managed by Upstash in their own organization. You pay the same price as listed on Upstash’s site.

The reason you’d want this: having everything hosted on means low-latency access (same datacenter) and security (no public access to the internet).

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Thanks. That makes sense. I thought I’d have to own and pay for the compute on, while paying for usage to upstash as well

Love this.

BTW, is there any plan to introduce Upstash QStash as well?

We’re discussing it. Do you already have a use case for QStash? Would it benefit from a low latency deployment on

with apps and kafka, i don’t need QStash. I’d go for it in a pure serverless system like lambda

Oh wow! Definitely interested. Emailed!

Upstash Kafka is now in public beta, available to all users via fly ext kafka.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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