Machines can't startup due to os error 2

I was working on my app and at some point I started to get errors during “fly deploy”:

 2024-06-05T15:34:36.855 app[9185e649c33508] ams [info] INFO Starting init (commit: 1a3d9689)...

2024-06-05T15:34:36.865 app[9185e649c33508] ams [info] ERROR Error: an unhandled IO error occurred: No such file or directory (os error 2)

2024-06-05T15:34:36.865 app[9185e649c33508] ams [info] [ 0.307713] reboot: Restarting system

2024-06-05T15:34:36.916 app[9185e649c33508] ams [warn] Virtual machine exited abruptly

2024-06-05T15:34:36.966 runner[9185e649c33508] ams [info] machine exited with exit code 0, not restarting

Can you confirm that error “ERROR Error: an unhandled IO error occurred…” comes from fly’s side, presumable during startup of init process?

I tried to replace machine or switch regions but it didn’t help at all.

Glad I am not the only one, i thought i had a bug in my code… wasted 30 minutes

Seeing the same here… hoping for a quick fix

Hi everyone,

We’re looking at this now, follow along in : Status - Elevated errors for new machines


  • Daniel

Hi folks, this is fixed now. If you still have a machine with this problem you can try redeploying the app or recreating the machine (clone it, then destroy the original).


thank you, problem is resolved on my end

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