Machine is STUCK and cannot be destroyed, causing many errors, how can i destroy it?

I have a machine with no associated Image and Size/CPU is shown as “-cpu-x@MB”

If i try to destroy it i get the error:

Error: could not get machine 3287360b349218: failed to get VM 3287360b349218: failed_precondition: machine has been migrated to worker-cf-lon1-ad0e (Request ID: 01HKT0MYQK7A5FRZAVSY280CNK-lhr)

Does anyone know how i can destroy it?

Presumably you’re trying to destroy via the CLI, right? What command did you run exactly?

I ran this

fly machine destroy 3287360b349218 --force

hi @p-christ
This was an issue on our end and a fix is being deployed now.
Let us know if you still have issues (given a bit of time for the fix to be deployed :)).

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