Machine can't start, can't restart, can't be stopped and can't be destroyed

First steps with Fly here.
launched a vanilla python app.

Getting tons of:

  • machine has reached its max restart count (10)
  • machine did not have a restart policy, defaulting to restart

Hey @zohar ,
Can you share logs?
It might help understand whats going on

also check fly status -all
to see more info on machines

Thank you @darkcheftar007
I see that the image entry is empty. Could it be that fly launch didn’t figure out it was a Django app?

›$ fly status --all
  Name     = MACHINENAME          
  Owner    = personal                     
  Hostname =  
  Image    = -                            
  Platform = machines 

Doesn’t destory with the -f switch work?

Can you share the log? fly logs
and can you share some details like are you using database?

I tried deploying django app following fly django starter blog
It went well.

you can see the deployment here

I’m not completely sure, but I think as you are saying a vanila python app, I assume it does not require any ports or wont be having any taffic to the app,
if thats so you might need to try checking this how to use Machines as a standard disposable VM
Hope it helps

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