Why is it so random that my machine may or may not restart after a redeploy?

Sometimes I check fly status and my machine is started immediately after fly deploy completes. Other times I after several minutes it has not started yet, and I only randomly find out later that is started.

I check fly logs and nothing is amiss.

This is a second Fly app that I have created, I never noticed this issue with my other, first app. The first app without any starting issues is a Django project, but this problematic Fly app is a Flask project. Don’t know if that would make any difference, or if it has something to do with what actual Fly host the new Flask app was created on, compared to the previous Django app.

It seems like depending on what is going on with Fly at the time I redeploy, my request to start my machine is essentially a job that has been added to some queue, behind a bunch of other competing requests (?).

This last redeploy I noticed the machine was finally running after 10 or 15 minutes:

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