lost connection to database

Our application lost the connection to the databse without any changes happening. Also no deployments. Trying to restart the database machine results in the following error:

Error: failed to restart machine 9080172c397187: could not stop machine xxx: failed to restart VM xxx: request returned non-2xx status, 504 (Request ID: 01HEWE3XA9D7SBTYSCHG1ZXJ9Z-fra)

Is there a problem on fly.io side? can we do something to fix this?

Having similar issues here, I’ve contacted support and am waiting for resolution.

  • restarting the machine failed
  • so i tried to kill the machine, clone it and attach the volume to the new one.

Sadly this also did not work. Current state:

fly machine list
→ No machines are available on this app x

fly machines clone
→ Cloning machine xx into region fra
Attaching existing volume xxxx
Error: volume xxxx is already attached to a machine

fly volumes list
→ ATTACHED VM = nothing

So now i am stuck in this place with our production application being down.

It started working for me.

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