Looking for feedback on new tool

I’ve been putting together a new tool which is designed to help when you have a lot of fly apps locally and you want to keep track of which one is where. This is being built as something to potentially carry other tools in the future. Would you find it useful? Comment away - Here’s the readme for FLy Utilities:

You’ll find the code on https://github.com/superfly/flu and the first actual release at https://github.com/superfly/flu/releases/

flu - FLy Utilities

Flu is the start of a utility command line tool for Fly developers. It is centered around managing your fly.toml files and other local assets. Fly/Flyctl is the core tool for interacting with Fly itself. 

This is an early release to gague usefulness.

Currently implemented commands: 1

flu ls

Scans the directories immediatly below the current directory and reports on the app names in any fly.toml file. e.g.

❯ flu ls
6pn-demo 6pn-demo
appkata-6pn-nats appkata-6pn-nats
appkata-flyterm appkata-flyterm
appkata-gogs appkata-gogs
appkata-gogs appkata-gogsplus
appkata-graphql appkata-graphql
appkata-minio appkata-minio
appkata-mqtt appkata-mqtt
appkata-nats appkata-nats
appkata-node-red appkata-node-red
appkata-redistls appkata-redistls
appkata-theia-go appkata-theia
long-dawn-1446 appkata-vscode-remote

Optional flag `-r`/`--recurse` - will recurse down the directories too.

Pull Requests and Issues welcome